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      First Time Home Buyers

      This is the most common need for a mortgage, and it always will be.

      Fixed? Variable? Open? Closed? Rate? Term? Penalties? Down Payment? Insurance?

      There is a mountain of things to consider.  Let Dennis guide you through the process.


      Being pre-approved for a mortgage has endless benefits including knowing your budget, being a more desirable buyer and expediting the process when you find your dream home. You wouldn’t go shopping without your wallet and it is the same when it comes to buying a home.

      The pre-approval process creates confidence, education and ease to make one of the largest purchases of your life. When pre-approved, it will clarify the following:

      What is your budget?

      • What will be your mortgage payment?
      • Do you need to restructure your financial picture?
      • It makes your real estate agent happy and makes you a serious buyer
      • Don’t take the risk of finding your dream home and hoping the bank will say yes. Finding the perfect home is hard, but Dennis helps make the mortgage process simple!


      The good news:  You’ve got financial and employment freedom! So much so that you’re ready to purchase a home.

      The bad news:  The bank doesn’t necessarily agree with you on how much you make. In some cases, they might see you as more of a credit risk than non-self-employed people and most of the time that couldn’t be further from the truth.

      Notice of Assessments, net income after expenses, multiple companies, there’s a lot going on when it comes to getting a mortgage for someone who is self-employed.  Proving your self-employed income and its sustainability can be challenging.  One of the main benefits of working with Dennis is that he’s got an abundance of lenders to find the one that will see your income the way you need them to.

      You’ve spent all this time building a business, let Dennis handle the rest.