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      Revenue Property

      Purchasing a rental property can be a fantastic investment that can pay dividends literally for generations!  How do you go about doing that?  Is it the same as purchasing your primary residence?  It is very similar but there are some very distinct differences, most notably the size of the down payment.  Some lenders are better to deal with then others for rentals, that’s where Dennis comes in, he can get you the best suited lender.

      A rental property will not only pay for itself, if done properly it will generate positive monthly cash flow and on top of that generate capital appreciation.  That’s a win-win-win and win! Most times the problem is coming up with the down payment to become a landlord.  Dennis can help you come up with that down payment by looking at your finances and seeing if there is a way, whether it be debt restructuring or a HELOC

      Dennis is a Landlord himself and can share valuable knowledge on how to get into the game for yourself.  Give him a call!