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      What is a Fixed Rate Mortgage?

      What is a Fixed Rate Mortgage? With a Fixed Rate Mortgage the interest rate of the mortgage does not change for the duration of the term.  Simple right!  But what exactly is a mortgage, what is meant by interest rate and what is the term? As always, one answer raised three questions.  Read on! What …more

      Mortgage Lenders – The 3 Different Types – A, B and C

      Did you know there are 3 different types of Mortgage Lender in Canada? “A” Lenders take on low risk mortgages, “B” Lenders take on medium risk mortgages, and “C” Lenders take on high risk mortgages.   Let’s start with ‘A’ Mortgage Lenders These are exactly who you think they are, all your Big Banks, your …more


        HIGHER MORTGAGE PAYMENTS MAY PULL HOME PRICES DOWN, BUT…. THE COST OF REPLACEMENT WILL KEEP THEM AFLOAT!   If you’ve been living under a rock for the past 6 month’s I’ve got news for you. The bank of CANADA (and every other country’s bank) is very aggressively raising interest rates to put a stop …more